Updating your account

How to update your SpecFuse account settings to personalize your experience.
Daniel Baylis
24 October 2019

Updating your profile

Your profile determines what other users see about you in SpecFuse. Most of the fields relate to what appears on your profile page.

Click on Profile in your Settings.

Make any required changes and click Save.

Updating your picture

SpecFuse will create a default profile picture for you based on your initials and a random color. To update this to your own picture:

Click on Profile Picture in your Settings.

Upload a picture and click and click Save.

Upload a square image for the best result.

Updating your preferences

Your preferences can be updated to personalize your SpecFuse experience.

Click on Settings in the menu.

Click on Preferences in the sub-menu.

Make any required changes and click Save.

Email Notifications

You will receive notifications when significant events happen in SpecFuse. Notifications are accessible from within the application, however, you can also receive email versions of the notifications to let you know about them even if you are not logged in. These email notifications are optional, based upon your preferences below.

Project emails

These notifications let you know when you have been added or removed from a project team, or when your role on a team has been updated.

Specification emails

These notifications let you know when a spec has been assigned to you, or if a spec you are watching has been updated or closed.

Comment emails

These notifications let you know if someone comments on a spec you are watching.

Dark mode

Use SpecFuse in dark mode. This is an alternative theme for the application that uses dark backgrounds and light text.


All dates and times throughout the application will be based upon your selected timezone.

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