Learn about the gamification features of SpecFuse and how you can earn XP while using the application.
Daniel Baylis
24 October 2019

SpecFuse offers a user XP system and unlockable achievements to demonstrate productivity and show your experience in using the application.


When you complete key activities in SpecFuse, you will earn XP.

Your XP represents your overall usage and productivity in the application. The more you use SpecFuse to create and update information, the more you earn XP. XP is earned immediately and will instantly update.

Your XP can be viewed in the bottom left of your screen on desktop, or at the bottom of the navigation menu on mobile. Each users' XP is also visible on their profile page.


Achievements can be earned for completing certain volumes of specific tasks, such as creating and closing specs, as well as for hitting certain XP levels.

The achievements each user has earned are visible on their profile page under the Achievements tab.

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