User management

Learn about how you can create, modify and remove other user accounts in SpecFuse as your project team changes.
Daniel Baylis
24 October 2019

Users with the Organization Admin permission can create, edit, and delete user accounts in their organization. The user that first created the SpecFuse account will start with this permission and can choose to provide this permission to others as well.

Inviting users

New users are created in SpecFuse by inviting them to the application using their email address. The user account will only be created, and your billing only impacted, once the user clicks on the invitation and sets up their account.

Select Invite Users from the Action Menu.

Enter their email address and click Invite.

An email invitation will now be sent to them. The email contains a unique url they can use to join SpecFuse and setup their account.

To invite multiple users at once, simply add a comma after each email address.

SpecFuse is billed on a subscription basis. When you create a user, you will be increasing your organization's SpecFuse subscription by one. SpecFuse offers a flat rate for up to 10 users in your subscription. Once you increase to 11 users you will then move to the per user rate.

Deleting users

Navigate to the user's profile page.

Click on the Danger Zone tab.

Click Delete User Account.

Confirm the action.

The user's account is now deactivated and they will receive a notification.

Although the user can no longer use their account, their information is retained in SpecFuse, and you will continue to see their name, profile picture, and data they have created.

When you deactivate a user, you will be decreasing your organization's SpecFuse subscription by one. No refund is issued for any unused period on that user account, however, your account will be credited for the unused time which can then be offset against future charges.

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