Learn about brainstorming and capturing ideas for features in your software application.
Daniel Baylis
24 October 2019

The Ideas feature provides a way to capture new ideas and thoughts you have for your project, even before they are ready to be expanded out into specs. If you have a quick thought about something to add to your application, or an area to further explore, you can quickly and safely document it in SpecFuse.

This feature can also be very useful for quickly brainstorming and capturing many ideas for a new project.

If you decide to develop the idea into a spec, a single click will launch a new spec with the original idea still attached.

Capturing ideas

Select Capture Ideas from the Action Button.

Select the project on the left that you want to associate your ideas with.

Type in your idea and press enter.

Your idea is now associated with your project.

Viewing ideas

Click on Ideas in the menu.

Optionally enter search text to find a specific idea.

Associating ideas with specs

Click on the + icon on the idea to create a spec that is associated with that idea.

Viewing associated specs

When an idea has previously been associated with a spec, the spec number will appear on the idea next to the + button. Click on the spec number to open that spec.

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